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    rubber 3 co-extrusion and microwave curing production line

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    ——New and old microwave oven check list——

    Old type


    New design


    Transformer voltage variation

    The circuit is complex, the maintenance is inconvenient, the failure rate is high, and the microwave emission efficiency is low

    Variable pressure of oil cooled power supply

    20%The structure is simple, easy to repair, not easy to fail, and the microwave emission efficiency is increased by 20%

    Straight in waveguide

    The microwave is easily reflected back to the magnetron, causing damage to the magnetron

    A water loaded ring device is added to the waveguide

    Effectively absorbs the reflected microwave to avoid damage to the magnetron

    Waveguide tube homemade

    The size accuracy is not enough, and it has some influence on the microwave efficiency.

    Waveguide tube procurement with professional manufacturers

    more accuracy, more use of microwave conduction

    The cavity material is made of ordinary stainless steel

    Microwave absorption is easy to absorb, and it affects microwave efficiency

    The use of customized plate for the material of the cavity

    It is not easy to absorb microwave and improve the microwave efficiency

    Simple cavity structure

    Microwave can not produce effective resonance in the cavity, which causes the wave to offset each other and reduces the microwave efficiency.

    Design of the cavity according to the microwave emission law

    The geometric design size is more beneficial to increase the number of resonant modes and to ensure a good match between the furnace cavity and the magnetron

    Cavity waveguide layout




    Short circuit ring + graphite resistance microwave  

    Unable to effectively stop the microwave leakage of the import and export

    Import and export by short circuit ring + multi Zubo + SiC microwave barrier

    Effectively blocking the microwave leakage of import and export

    Metal mesh bar + asbestos strip is used in door cover leakage protection device

    Microwave leakage prevention is not very ideal

    Leak proof device for door cover using high waterfall silicone strip coated wire and wave retaining device

    The effect of anti microwave leakage is obvious

    35-50%Overall microwave efficiency 35-50%

    Microwave loss too much, waste of energy 

    The overall microwave efficiency is 1.5 times higher than that on the original basis

    High utilization rate, more energy saving, increase production efficiency

    ——Microwave vulcanization production line and process technology——



    ——Product advantage——

  • Selection of industrial special waveguide tube accurate, more use of microwave conduction.
  • The material of the cavity is made of custom-made plate, which is not easy to absorb microwave and improves microwave efficiency.
  • The cavity is designed according to the law of microwave emission. The geometric design size is more conducive to increasing the number of resonance modes and ensuring a good match between the furnace cavity and magnetron.
  • Import and export use short-circuit ring + multi-segment resistance wave + silicon carbide resistance microwave, effectively stop the microwave leakage of import and export.
  • The anti-leakage device of door cover adopts high temperature resistant silicone strip coated wire+wave-blocking device, which has obvious anti-microwave leakage effect.
  • The shape frame adopts laser cutting iron plate folding type, which is beautiful and atmospheric.
  • The size of the internal structure is the same as that of the peers (6.8m). On this basis, it is extended to 8m, and the best vulcanization speed can be achieved by combining hot air with microwave more effectively. In addition, vulnerable parts of conveyor belt are also common with vulcanization equipment, which provides convenient conditions for customers to produce.
  • Microwave control system can achieve constant output of microwave power. Even if one group of microwave fails, it can also distribute its power to the other groups, so that the microwave output power can be constant and the effect of microwave on product vulcanization can be avoided.
  • ——The product features——

  • Rubber Microwave curing oven(UHF) Rubber Microwave vulcanization oven(UHF) Machine highlights
  • Effective machine lengths 8.9-10m
  • Natural gas heating LNG / LPG- according to Euronorm
  • Production speed up to 40m / min
  • Shock temperatures up to 500 °C
  • Microwave power up to 12 kW
  • High speed hot air zone
  • Separate roller and belt drive
  • Energy-efficient mode of operation
  • ——Three(four,five)Co-extruded microwave vulcanization equipments and process technology——




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  • Flame retardant products

  • Combination products

  • Clamp wire products


    Order Guide:
    1. Delivery date: 30-120 working days
    2. Payment: T/T or L/C.
    3. According to customer requirements, we provide a full range of equipment on time.
    4. Responsible for training technicians and operators to operate and maintain equipment.
    5. Responsible for installing and test all equipment.
    6. Available formulation and long-term technical support.
    7. Guarantee: Provide one-year warranty, lifetime tracking service and parts.
    8. Metric units of the machine and all parameters of English.
    9. Packing: Standard export wooden pallet.

    Company Profile

    ZHEJIANG BAINA Rubber& Plastic Equipment Co,Ltd.,was founded in 1998 with a total investment of 20 million USD which,is a professional manufacturer of complete plants and products of rubber and plastic.it is a national high and new technology enterprise.medium and small-sized enterprise of Zhejiang province,and municipal innovation pilot enterprise.Located in modern Industrial Zone,Xianju County,it covers area of more than 53000 squar meters.

    As a leader enterprise, Baina has focused on the development and production of rubber and plastic equipments and products for many years. In term of the equipments our main products includes rubber extruders, three (four) composite microwave vulcanization production line,salt bath vulcanization production line, NBR and PVC air conditional insulation hose vulcanization production line, steel edge rubber water proof vulcanization production line, silicone rubber vulcanization production line and such rubber and plastic equipments. In term of the products, we have automotive air conditioning hoses, bathroom tubes, braided tubes, rubber sealing strips and low density EPDM blowing articles. Our equipments are exported to America, Japan, Russian, Israel,South Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and so on. Our annual output is more than 200 production lines. We offer equipments and technical support to more than 1000 famous rubber production enterprises in domestic and oversea market, and maintain long-term cooperation partners relationship.

    Our company has a provincial research center with abundant R&D strength, cooperates with many domestic higher institutions, and also has advanced international rubber COTS and laboratory equipments. Recently,we have 15 authorized patents(includes 5 invention patents), and 12 provincial level scientific research projects such as national torch plan, national key new product project in the nearly three years. Some fileds of our company have reached the international advanced level.

    We sincerely invite customers from home and abroad to make a field inspection to our company. And we are looking for long-term relationship with you for our common promising future.

  • ExhibitionCompany exhibition

    We always adhere to the enterprise tenet of “high standard, refined and zero defect”, regard quality as life, lead industry development, and create a foundry industry with core competitiveness and core value, in line with “sincere and pragmatic, persistent, team Collaboration, the game goes beyond the work style, we sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit us, seek common development and create brilliant future.

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